Software Engineering in the Early Days of a Product

Some things I've learned about building software in the early days of something new.Read More →

I don't care about having fun

How I think my life should be livedRead More →

Understanding Users is Actually Difficult

Building software is easier nowadays - figuring out what software to build is tough.Read More →

Some Reflections on using Elixir in Production at a Small Startup

Using Elixir in productionRead More →

Why I Bought a Framework Laptop

A company that deserves to exist.Read More →

The Incredible Irony of Dynamically-Typed Languages

Dynamically-typed programming sucks in a real, production codebase. Or anything with more than 10 lines of code.Read More →

What’s special about Haskell if you can already program in another language?

What’s special about Haskell if you can already program in another language?Read More →

Your Database is All You Are

Get serious about your dataRead More →

Living Life as a Series of Meditations

Another way of describing infinite gamesRead More →

Learning GraphQL through PostGraphile

You will learn about SQL tooRead More →

Working On Things That Are Fun, But Don’t Matter

Not everything is worth working on.Read More →

Migrating Away From Query Builders and ORMs in JavaScript and TypeScript

AlternativesRead More →

Your Toy Project is Not Ready For Production

Tales of a developer.Read More →

The Short-Lived Journey of Our First Product

The story of Pepper, our first app.Read More →

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